Corso di italiano A1-A2




The course is for you if you are a beginner or a false beginner and aims at empowering your linguistic brain by gradually assimilating the fundamental grammar and vocabulary needed to get you to build sentences and get yourself understood by natives.

In this course, you will be learning to talk about yourself, your hobbies and how to get by in day-to-day situations (shopping, travelling, asking for directions, describing people and short events).

Each class will have a focus on a different topic on which you will need to work on for the week. Homework will be provided if asked.

I work by used Drive and Google Docs as a whiteboard for the class and I like to use a set flashcards (on Quizlet) at the beginning of each class or have you describing pictures and stories.

The syllabus is provided depending on your level of Italian, however, the milestones to build in the course are:

A1 – grammar topics

  • The alphabet
  • The articles
  • Genders and numbers & the adjectives
  • The verbs “andare” & “venire” & “fare”
  • The present tense
  • The modal verbs (volere / potere/ dovere)
  • The reflexive verbs
  • The verbs “sapere” & “uscire” & “bere”
  • The past simple
  • The adverbs of frequency

A1vocabulary topics

  • Greetings & introducing yourself
  • Number & asking the time
  • Speaking of the family
  • Talking about your free time
  • Describing spaces (your house & your city)
  • Shopping in Italy (clothes & groceries)
  • talking about your personality & and your job
  • talking about the weather

A2 – grammar topics

  • stare + gerundio
  • The imperfect tense
  • The direct and indirect pronouns
  • The imperative
  • The future tense
  • The conditional tense

A2 vocabulary topics

  • Talking about your childhood
  • Talking about your vacations
  • Making comparisons
  • Talking about your future & in your dreams
  • Making assumptions
  • Talking about your job
  • A lot more about Italian culture & lifestyle



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